Known Issue - Teacher Supplemental Attendance screen not allowing date change when navigating to it using the Supp Att Data Sign In Students button - Fixed 11/3/2017

In some cases the Date dropdown and view of students enrolled in a session do not work properly when entering the Teacher Supplemental Attendance page via the Sign In Students button on the Supp Att Data screen. 

We recommend using the Supplemental Attendance by Teacher (New) node or the Filter Pages and then selecting from the navigation to reach this page until the issue is resolved.

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This issue was fixed in the 11/3/2017 update: 

Supplemental Attendance by Teacher This page now allows taking attendance for inactive students on days prior to their attendance leave. The page was limited to the logged in teachers first Staff ID, updated to include Teacher staff ID2 and ID3. Opening this page from the Supplemental Attendance Data Sign In button will now open to the selected date, and changing between Sessions will retain the selected date if it exists in both sessions' calendars.
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