Known Issue - Attendance Notes code dropdown may be blank - Fixed in the 10/20/2017 Update

Since yesterday's update (10/4/2017), there may be some cases where the Attendance Notes code dropdown is blank and does not appear when clicked. This is caused by an older version of a javascript file being cached in the browser. A quick fix for this is to clear the browser cache and refresh the page. In most web browsers, this is accomplished by holding the Shift key and pressing the F5 key on the keyboard but may require specifically clearing the entire browser cache. Click here for an article describing how to do this is many common browsers.

This issue will be resolved with the next Aeries update, which will not require users to refresh their cache.

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I have submitted a ticket # 63267 regarding this issue.

Chris Brown contacted me and said to use CTRL+F5.

It didn't work for one of our staffs.

Based on the post by Kevin Praeger, it says to use SHIFT+F5.

So I asked the staff with the issue to try this and it still didn't work for her.

She was using Chrome and now she is using IE and it is working for her there.

I also experienced the note not staying red whenever the note was opened to view or edit. It would turn black again and refreshing the page will return it to red. Is this also due to the issue described above?

Aerin, if Ctrl + F5 or Shift + F5 do not work, then clearing the entire browser cache should work. For example this article shows how to do that in Chrome.

Juan, I don't believe the issue you mentioned is related to this particular issue, although it could be. If you continue to experience this issue even after clearing the cache, I would bring that forward to support.

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