Aeries Revision Notes 10/4/2017

Page Comment
Query Change Form Query now has the "Query Change Form" feature converted from the Aeries client.
Aeries Mobile Portal App Changes have been made to support the upcoming Aeries Mobile Portal App. It is important that district be on this version or later for the upcoming Aeries Mobile Portal App to function correctly.
Transcripts report Transcripts that extended to a 2nd page would sometimes not print student information at the top of the 2nd page correctly, fixed.
Grade Reporting Grade Reporting now supports linking to multiple teachers, as defined in MST in the TN2 and TN3 fields. This includes the "secondary teachers" being able to view and edit GRD records through the Teacher Portal.
Discipline (DIS) There is a new option, available on the District Rules page, to enable "Advanced Discipline." When enabled, the Discipline page will display 4 new fields: Exact Time, Location, Possible Motivation, and Consequence. This will also enable a new view of the Discipline page that is more optimized for data consumption and easy data editing. It is the new model that will be used on many other Aeries pages. Also, this page now supports the new customizable email text when a teacher enters a new record.
Student Discipline Report/DIS report This report has been redesigned to format data in each record better.
School Options There is now the ability to customize the email sent to the school office when a teacher enters a Discipline (DIS) record. Any field from DIS and STU can be mail-merged into the Subject or Body of the email. Code Descriptions are also supported: [DIS.CD?]. Also, there is now a link to the District Rules page when displaying the District record on this page.
Career Pathways Dashboard This page has been updated significantly. The ability to select any course into columns, along with pertinent course information is now visible to help identify students within a pathway. Other visual features have been added and enhanced in order to facilitate the manual identification process.
Student Profile A new Career Pathways widget is now visible on the Student Profile page for students in a Career Pathway. It will display the courses needed to complete the pathway along with the student’s progress within each of those courses.
Career Pathways Security permissions for the Outcomes and Experiences areas can be set individually. This will allow users with appropriate permissions to be able to add/edit Experiences and/or Outcomes without having permission to place students into a new Pathway.
Career Pathways Mass Add Events The Career Pathways Mass Add Events page is designed to allow User and Teacher type accounts, with the appropriate permissions, to mass add Career Pathway Outcomes (CPO) and Career Pathway Experiences (CPE) records to students who are concentrating or completing within a selected pathway.
Query The CPH, CPO, and CPE tables can now be queried by regular users with the appropriate permissions. Previously, only system admins could query these tables.
Gradebook Summary By Standards report This is a new report that is only available to Rubric Gradebooks. This report displays assignments linked to standards of a gradebook. The assignments can come from different gradebooks.
Gradebook Summary / Gradebook Summary Export to Excel reports A new option to "Sort by Student Id" has been added to these reports.
Graduation Status The Graduation Status process now includes classes currently taken at other schools when calculating in-progress credits. The school name will display in parenthesis next to the class name if it is taken at a different school. Also, the Grad Status page and Student Profile widget can now handle displaying information from multiple linked districts (beta).
Graduation Status report This report now supports displaying classes currently taken at other schools.
API Security Graduation Status security area has been added to the "Multiple LEA Student Data Sharing" section.
Update Code Table The width of the "Code" field has been widened slightly.
CALPADS Extracts The SELA Conflict Report was giving an error, fixed.
Aeries Analytics The ATT Percentage indicator type was not honoring the Start Date / End Date fields when the Calculate Attendance History Through Current Day option was enabled, fixed. Also, users with Admin or Analytics Admin permissions can now view / edit all dashboards and dashboard items. Also, the Shared Security Group feature now supports Security Group Inheritance. Also, users that were not a member of any security groups were able to view all dashboards / dashboard items, fixed. Also, Dashboards and Dashboard Items were not displaying the Owner, fixed. Also, emulated users by admins were able to view dashboards and dashboard items belong to the Admin, fixed.
View All Reports Custom Report Owner names were not displaying on the Custom Report tab, fixed.
Class Rosters The page header was not printing on the 2nd page for a class unless the "Restart Numbering" option was selected, fixed. Also, when the Sort By Teacher/Period option was selected, students on the page were not being sorted correctly, fixed.
Attendance The "Update ATT" popup now displays Absence Code Descriptions and also now provides a "blank" option to clear absence codes.
Navigation The Drop down for "Year" is now in the direction that matches the rest of the system. Also, visual issues with previous year have been corrected. Also, issues with filtering the navigation and then switching to "Favorites" have been fixed.
Log In Visual styles, Aeries logos, colors, and fonts have been updated.
Various pages The standard "student information bar" has been added to pages that lacked it: Student Course Request and Religious Information. Also, red flags are now supported on the Religious Information page.
Security Users Page Searching for staff ID issues fixed, the window is now easily closable.
Parent Portal Notification Preferences is now hidden if not applicable for a district. Also, selecting certain links under the user name such as Change Password would prevent the user from navigating to other pages, fixed.
Medication Pages The Medication Dosage and Amount fields now handles 3 decimal places.
SBG - Initialize New Grading Cycle Information displayed on this page was sometimes not refreshing after running this process, fixed.
District Student Lookup This page now accepts single quotes in searches.
Student Transcripts Display issues with the Mass Add Records popup have been corrected.
Student Pages Single Quotes in STU.U1 through STU.U13 no longer cause a system error.
Visitation The "Counselor" field has been changed to "Staff".
Navigation Images for SchoolCity and IO Education now appear correctly in the navigation.
Drop Downs Dropdown boxes have been adjusted to display better on smaller screens, and now always appear on top of other elements of the page. This was specifically an issue on the Special Programs page.
College Entrance Requirements Various visual changes have been made to this page.
Portal Options Many visual issues have been corrected on page.
Block Schedule Calendar The AB Days field has been widened.
Letter Text Editor Various visual adjustments have been made to this page.
Student Demographics Students with empty Birthdate fields were causing system errors, fixed.

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