Known Issue - Index out of Range message in Teacher Supplemental Attendance - Fixed 10/27/2017

An Index Out of Range error will come up on the Teacher Supplemental Attendance screen when a session is selected that does not have Supplemental Attendance Calendar (ATC) dates. These calendar records are required for proper Supplemental Attendance management. 

Either Supplemental Attendance Calendar (ATC)  records need to be added for the session or delete the session if it will not be used this school year.

We will be improving the error message to make it more understandable.



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This issue was fixed in the 10/27/2017 update:

Supplemental Attendance by Teacher This page now allows users to select teachers by Staff records instead of Teacher records, allowing non-teacher staff to take Supplemental Attendance from this page. Added logic to only show the "check in" controls when a valid session is selected, and to give a detailed warning when the session has no calendar defined. Also selecting a Staff record from the list was scrolling back to the top of the list, fixed.
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