Aeries Revision Notes 9/29/2017

An Aeries update was just released with the following:

  • Supplemental Attendance Report (CCLC/ASES and ASSETs) - This is a new report in Aeries Web, converted from the Aeries Client. This report will print data in an excel format that can easily be copied into the state file. Click here for documentation
  • Supplemental Attendance Sessions page - Students tab now includes a new "Required for Attendance" field (ATA.RA) for use in conjunction with the Attendance Period field (ATS.PD). When a student is enrolled in multiple sessions in the same period, this allows for requiring a certain one of those sessions to be attended in order to count towards regular attendance. This new field is also visible from the Supplemental Attendance by Student page and the Students tab on the Supplemental Attendance Data page. Click here for documentation.
  • CALPADS Extracts - A new option has been added under the "Other Options" tab to allow districts not to translate Exit Code Reasons to E450 for students enrolled in grade 6 or lower. Also, the Golden State Seal Merit Diploma and the State Seal of Biliteracy indicators had the potential of generating incorrect data on the SENR extract. If these two codes had different number of characters and the smaller code was contained in the bigger one, this could lead to a false positive. For example, a student earned The Golden State Seal (coded as "10") but not the Seal of Biliteracy (coded as "1") this student would extract as having earned the Seal of Biliteracy. Click here for documentation.
  • Various Pages - URLs entered in the description or comment fields on various pages are now clickable when in Read mode. This includes the Description field in Gradebook Assignments, which will display a clickable link when expanding the assignment on the Gradebook Details page. The URL must begin with http:// or https:// for the automatic hyperlinking to work properly. 
  • Apple School Manager Extract - Added an option to choose among different Aeries fields to populate the sis_username field in the students.csv file: Student Email (STU.SEM), Student Network ID (STU.NID), or any character string field in the Supplemental (SUP) or District Supplemental (DSD) table. Also, the rosters.csv file could reference classes that were not in the classes.csv file, fixed. Also, added a button to Run Now and Upload that allows the SFTP upload to be performed on-demand instead of waiting for the scheduled process. Click here for documentation.
  • Aeries Mobile Portal App - Changes have been made to support the upcoming Aeries Mobile Portal App. 
  • Transcripts - Transcripts report has had various formatting issues including pushing to multiple pages since the 7/28 update. Due to this, the report changes have been reverted for the time being. 
  • Supplemental Attendance by Teacher - This page had the potential to give an exception error when selecting a date at least 7 days into a session since the 9/26 update, fixed. Also modified the Check in/Check out toggle switch for aesthetics between browsers. 
  • Attendance Submission Log / Missing Attendance Report - Teachers without any students in the selected date range were displaying on this page, fixed. 
  • Records Transfer - More descriptive error messages have been added. Also, in certain cases requests sent would only be created on the sending side and no error would display indicating the network / database error, fixed. Also, the Records Transfer Messaging feature would sometimes fail to send, fixed. 
  • API Security - This page was giving an error when clicking on any of the vendors to view permissions, fixed. 

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