Known Issue - Missing Attendance Report running report for greater than one day - Fixed in the 9/29/2017 Update

In certain instances teachers are listed on the Missing Attendance Report when the report is run for a date range greater than one day. This issue occurs when there were students in the class but then all students were removed from the class during the selected date range.

Programming has identified and fixed the report. The fix will be released in the next update.

This issue was fixed in the 9/29/2017 update: --Attendance Submission Log / Missing Attendance Report - Teachers without any students in the selected date range were displaying on this page

 Hi Kathy,

We updated to web version 9.29 this weekend and it appears this issue is still happening. I ran the Missing Attendance and Submission Log and teachers are now showing up who do not have students rostered to them.

Please advise...Thanks, Leanne

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