Aeries Revision Notes 9/26/2017

Page Comment
Supplemental Attendance Sign In This page, called from the QR code report, has been modified to have a more responsive design specifically for use on mobile and smaller devices. This page will now require a student to "Check Out" of their current session before allowing a selection of other sessions for "Check In".
Teacher Supplemental Attendance This page will now stay on the selected date when Student IDs are scanned or manually entered. When entering data for prior days, the page will no longer allow "Current Time" but will allow a student to be entered into overlapping sessions. Previously the page was deleting or closing-out the initial session automatically. Also added a "Refresh Page" button so that teachers can easily confirm students using the self check in technique.
School Options New options have been added to disable the ability for parents and students to change their email address.
Aeries Mobile Portal App Changes have been made to support the upcoming Aeries Mobile Portal App.
CASEMIS Import Students with a leave date prior to the first day of school are no longer listed in the active CSE listing. Also, database hits have been reduced on the services import to increase performance.
Google Integration Districts using Google Integration now have the option to link and unlink accounts within Google directly from the Student Demographics page. Also, certain Google API calls were being erroneously returned from Google with the error daily quota exceeded, these endpoints will now attempt a progressive back-off to allow Google’s APIs to catch up, and result in less errors. Also, when multitiered organizational units were missing they would fail to create on the fly, fixed. Also, the scheduled process to sync Google accounts will now wait until midnight on the following day to run for the first time rather than next time scheduled processes are polled by the reporting engine. Also, status emails for Google regarding adding a student and adding a student to a section will no longer be sent. Also, Accounts within the student root OU which were not linked to a student had the potential to become suspended during the sync process, fixed.
College Entrance Tests This page has been adjusted with minor visual enhancements. Also, new fields for Insert Date (CTS.IDT), Insert User ID (CTS.IUI), Insert Username (CTS.IUN), Update User ID (CTS.UUI), and Update Username (CTS.UUN) have been added to the CTS table. Also, this page now handles displaying information from multiple linked districts (beta).
504 New fields have been added: Insert Username (IUN) and Update Username (UUN) to the FAP, FDE, FEC, FOF, FPP, and FSD tables.
Classes New When deleting a record, if the record has a Perm-lock set, additional confirmation messages will be displayed.
Copy Scheduling Results to SEC & MST Users now need Admin access to the SMS, MST, SSS, and SEC security areas to use this page.
Security Areas The AHD and AHC tables are now accessible as Query-Only Security Areas. Also, MST, SEC, & SSS now display the "Admin" security level.
OneRoster API Logging has been added to the OneRoster API to internally track how vendors are using the system.
Work Permit This page now handles displaying information from multiple linked districts (beta).
Medical History This page now handles displaying information from multiple linked districts (beta).
CALPADS Extracts The Direct Certification process has been disabled until the new rules are implemented. This is also the only change in the "Old UI" this week. Please see Known Issues link or Info button for more information:
CAASPP Test Results When selecting to print this report by teacher, it was not working correctly, fixed. Also, DEL-tagged records from the Sections (SEC) table were being included, fixed.
Grades This page was not honoring the "Hide Current Info from Students and Parents when Teachers are Updating Grades" option, fixed.
Class Summary / Gradebook Summary When a gradebook was associated with multiple sections, the wrong period or attendance data could display for the class, fixed.
Supplemental Attendance by Student This page wasn't honoring the date limit, fixed.
Google Classroom The Google Classroom process has been optimized to prevent performance issues on Gradebook.
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