Known Issue - Aeries Direct Certification Import Process - Fixed in the 10/20/2017 Update

We have recently learned that CALPADS has changed the Direct Certification rules.  Previously, a student could only have one open NSLP-Free or Reduced record at any time during the school year.  Now if a student has multiple Direct Certification records with different codes throughout the school year, CALPADS wants the earliest Direct Certification date with the most recent Direct Certification code to be reported to CALPADS in the SPRG – Student Program file.


As an example, if a student was included in the July Direct Certification file as Reduced, then included as Free in the September file, the Aeries SPRG extract should contain a Free record with a start date of July.


Currently we are closing the previously imported Reduced record and adding a new Free record with the date in the Direct Certification file.  With the new rules, the Aeries Direct Certification Import will import the Free record with the Direct Certification file date of September but in the SPRG extract, we will extract as Free but with a start date of July. 


We will be adjusting our SPRG – Student Program extract as soon as possible with this change.


If districts have already imported Direct Certification files using the Aeries CALPADS Direct Certification process, we will be adding a function to adjust the previously entered FRE data based on the new rules and to fix any discrepancies. 

We suggest that you do not use the Aeries Direct Certification process until the version with the new rules has been implemented.

Is this fixed?

Any idea when this fix will be made? 

We are testing this now and hoping to ship in the next update.

thanks Kathy


Will this fix also work with the automated NSLP imports we are currently using? I noticed that it is creating a chain of changes, like you are describing for the DC imports. At our district, the DC imports are made in the FRPM software, and then Aeries is updated nightly. I'm realizing that this might cause an issue for Fall 1. For example a student who had a PAID status before Info Day, then a FREE status based on an application that encompassed Info Day, then later back to a PAID status because application denied (after audit). Right now, the student will be considered PAID for NSLP, incorrectly. 

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