Aeries Revision Notes 9/12/2017

An Aeries Update was released yesterday (9/12/2017) with the following:

  • Aeries Communication Attendance Notifications - This process has been modified to significantly improve the speed of sending large quantities of messages. It also now supports phone calls originating from school-specific phone numbers and also allows administrative review of the messages that have been sent. This process now also logs the specific message sent to the "Attendance Notification Log" (ANL) table.
  • Aeries API - Student Groups can now be accessed through the Aeries API. Also, additional security enhancements have been added to the API to prevent unauthorized use of the system. 
  • Student Profile - The Linked Portal Accounts widget is now ready for a new "Multi-District Data Sharing" feature that will be released later.
  • Interventions - A Copy button has been added to this page so that Intervention details can be copied to another student. This feature is similar to what exists in the Assertive Discipline page.
  • Supplemental Attendance to Attendance Process - For Supplemental Attendance Programs that allow walk-ins, this process will now also look at students who are scheduled into a Section flagged to Use Supplemental Attendance (MST.USA) and update their attendance (ATT) based on Supplemental Attendance Data (ATD). Also, the process was not limiting to the Supplemental Attendance Calendar (ATC), fixed.
  • Master Schedule / Scheduling Master Schedule - These pages now include a new flag to Use Supplemental Attendance (MST.USA/SMS.USA). This flag works in combination with the existing option to Enable Supplemental Attendance to Attendance Processing on the Supplemental Attendance Configuration page.
  • Teacher Supplemental Attendance - This page would not display attendance information when viewing the first 6 days of a session and selecting the "Daily View/Edit" option, fixed.
  • Gradebook Details - The assignment documents were not displaying, fixed. Also, when viewing assignment details the assignment standards were not displaying for standards based gradebooks, fixed.
  • Student Profile Class Summary widget - Clicking on any of the gradebook links was always directing to the first gradebook in the list on the Gradebook Details page, fixed. Also, the widget was not displaying the actual course the student was taking at Alternative Ed school, fixed. Also, an error was generated when the first assignment in a gradebook was hidden in the portal, fixed. 
  • Missing Attendance / Attendance Submission Log reports - These reports had the potential to not include all teachers in an Elementary school, fixed. Secondary daily attendance schools are now supported.
  • Class Rosters - Sort options and other use cases were not working properly since the 9/1/17 release, fixed.
  • Mass Change Period Absences - When selecting by Student Group, this process was including students that were delete tagged in SGM, fixed.
  • SMS Board - The SMS Builder, when selecting A-Days or B-Days, incorrect days were populated, fixed.
  • School Options - The Grade Reporting dropdown has been removed from this page.
  • Student Groups - This page was displaying the "Communication View" option only for districts without Aeries Communications enabled, fixed.
  • Parent Portal - Parents were not able to change students after changing password, fixed.
  • Popup Windows - The popup windows were sometimes not staying in front when called, fixed.
  • Gradebook Email Report to Parents - When emailing a Gradebook report to parents, certain SMTP errors would cause the process to end prematurely. Now, the process will continue, and those errors are simply reported in the summary email the teacher receives.

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