Known Issue - Class Summary Gradebook Link as of the 9/1/2017 Update - Fixed in the 9/12/2017 Update

As of the 9/1/2017 Aeries update, the Class Summary Gradebook Link is always directing to the first period gradebook.  The drop down can be used to select the correct gradebook.

Programming is working on this now.

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We are experiencing the same issue for staff, student, and parent accounts.

Same issue here, but also have a gradebook link that will not work at all (drop down and choose 2nd period and can never choose it.  Periods 1,3,4,5,6 all work, just 2 never opens. Says period 2, but shows other class data. In image below it says Period 2, but is showing period 1 gradebook. 


Ali, have you applied yesterday's update? That should resolve the issue with always jumping to the first period. 

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