Aeries Revision Notes 8/18/2017

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Classes The new "Classes" page has been removed from Aeries due to issues found as districts began using the system. Since its release last week, many of these issues have been resolved, but enough still remain that it is best at this point to remove this functionality until we are more confident in the stability of this great new feature of Aeries.
Gradebook The Mass Add Gradebooks feature is now available for traditional elementary schools to create multiple gradebooks at once. This option is on the Gradebook Dashboard page.
Gradebook Gradebook Assignment Status (GBS.ST) codes can now be customized by each district by editing the values in the COD table. The list can be edited from the Update Code Table page by a system administrator.  
Scores By Assignment The Overall Grade and Final Mark fields now display on this page. These fields will honor the Gradebook options to "Display the Final Mark" and "Hide Overall Grade".  
Gradebook Standard Selector The option to view "Report Card Standards" is now available on the "Type of Standards" dropdown list. If the gradebook is associated with a course, the standards will be from the Standards-Based Courses table (SBR), otherwise they will be from Standards-Based Setup table (SBE).  
CAASPP & CAA Reports The "Number Possible" values for these test have been loaded and will now be available on these reports.  
Import Test Results The AP 2016-17 test results file, .csv format (AP 2017 layout) can now be imported. Also, a report to print unmatched students has been added. This report is only available through this page for the AP 2016-17 tests and the CAASPP Test Results.  
Alert Thresholds Once a parent has received an alert, that parent will not receive another similar alert for at least 90 minutes. This will prevent excessive alerts during times when a teacher is continuously updating their Gradebook. Also, turning off alerts for a school would not stop alerts that parents had already configured, fixed.  
Military Survey Audit This page is no longer available at the district level. It was only designed to be used at the school level.  
Scheduling Mass Change Section Numbers This page now supports all grades, even Kinder and TK.  
Avery 5160 Asset Barcode Labels report This report now has a new set of options to re-print one or multiple barcodes by choosing the Asset Number and the range of items. Also, the barcode number was added below the vertical lines that represent the barcode.  
Google Integration The frequency of calls to the Google API have been reduced to improve system performance.  
Copy Scheduling Results to MST/SEC Elementary with Master Schedule schools now do not see the Attendance Updating option if Attendance has not yet been initialized. Also, after attendance is initialized for these schools, a change to the "Leave Date" will change the "Enter Date" to be the next school day. Also, changes to these dates were not being honored when the process was run, fixed. Also, this process now requires a TRM table in the current school before it can be run. Also, the Attendance Period for the school is now displayed for Elementary with Master Schedule schools.  
Enrollment History When editing ENR fields, text beyond the maximum field length can now no longer be entered. Also, the "Edit" buttons were still visible for all records when editing or adding a record, fixed.  
Student Transfer Processes (Current and Multi-Year Processes and Online Enrollment Import) These processes have been adjusted to clear the "Parent Email Address" (STU.PEM) field if no other students in the school have a value in this field. STU.PEM is not visible in schools where no students have it populated. Contact Email Address is the recommended location for parent email address.  
Student Header The label "Parent Email" on the Contacts tab will now not display if the STU.PEM field is not used in a school.  
Account Emulation When emulating a user the logged in school had the potential of changing, now the user will be returned to the originally logged in school once emulation is ended. Also, when emulating a parent and returning to the original user, Aeries Communications would stay logged in as the emulated user, fixed.  
Imports and Exports sFTP request timeouts have been extended to 90 seconds to accommodate communication over networks which have higher amounts of latency.  
Online Help Aeries continues to migrate online help to instead of and add additional context-sensitive help to various pages throughout the system.  
Initialize ATT/CAR This page has been visually improved although no changes to functionality were made.  
Scheduling Setup This page has been visually improved although no changes to functionality were made.  
Siblings This page has had some visual adjustments made to it.  
Terms This page would give an error when attempting to add a previously delete-tagged TRM record, fixed.  
API Security After using the new "beta" option to "Add New Student Data Sharing LEA", the LEAs added would be displayed as being "Elite Partners", fixed.  
Military Survey Audit No records would display when orphaned records existed, fixed.  
Residence Survey Audit No records would display when orphaned records existed, fixed.  
Student Summons Call Slip report This report would generate an "invalid format" error when entering a time and running the report, fixed.  
School Options When editing Cities for the DecisionInsite for Street Validation, some valid city names were not being accepted, fixed.  
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