Aeries Revision Notes 8/11/2017

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Student Classes This page has a whole new user interface with new features using a modern design. Changes include the ability to quickly change classes and add new courses. The new "Edit Mode" allows for adding, deleting and changing courses and sections very quickly. All sections of a selected course are immediately displayed to allow users to manually choose the selected section or click the Reschedule button to let the system handle choosing the best student schedule. Multiple sections listed for a single period are sorted based on available seats. Sections are color coded: red if the section is full, yellow if the teacher’s number of students exceeds their max load and teacher load monitoring is enabled, blue if the section is available, or green if the section is selected. Additional information about each section is available by hovering the mouse over an "Info" graphic. Course Request Packets are also still available but now multiple packets can be selected at once. Alternate Course Scheduling is also supported using an "Edit" graphic next to the course title on the "Read-Only" side of this page. "View MST" has also been redesigned to display floating within the window or "docked" to the bottom of the page. Searching and sorting the View MST screen is now easier to use. The "Classes Old" page is still available to users if they aren't ready to make the switch.

Gradebook Add Assignment The Add Assignment window has a new option to "Push New Assignment to Selected Gradebooks". If this option is selected, only the current gradebook and the selected gradebooks will get the new assignment. This will overwrite the default behavior which will add the new assignment to all linked gradebooks.  
Gradebook Summary report The option to "Show Assignment Description" now displays the Assignment Description.  
Gradebook Summary Export to Excel report This report now displays assignment info below the summary when the option to "Show Assignment Description" is enabled.  
Gradebook In rare circumstances the sorting of students in gradebook and attendance were different, fixed.  
Gradebook Scores By Student "Next Student" and "Previous Student" buttons are now available to navigate to the next or previous student in the class.  
Course Attendance This page now displays information from all schools a student has attended in the current year. The Student Class Schedule Changes report (the Print button on this page) now also includes all school but has an option to not include them.  
Custom Reports Custom Reports now supports including Student Programs and Interventions.  
Supplemental Attendance by Teacher (New) This page now includes a new button to "Check in ALL Students for the Selected Date". The "Weekly View/Edit" option will no longer force the display from Monday thru Sunday, but rather show the selected date as the first day of the week, allowing the new mass check-in to function for the selected date. Also, this page design has been adjusted to better fit the screen. Also, this page can now be accessed from the Supplemental Attendance node without having to select Teacher Emulation. Added a button to print the new Room Student-Self-Sign-In Sheet report. Also, the page would give an error when the selected session did not have times defined, fixed. 
Supplemental Attendance Configurations This page, under School Info | Configurations, now includes new options to Enable Student Room Sign-In, Range of IP Addresses to allow to use Student Sign-in, and also a Custom text for failed login attempts by students.  
Supplemental Attendance Programs This page now includes a new option to allow Student Self-Sign In. The option will only display if the option on the configuration page is enabled first. This will limit to student sign-in to select Programs. Also modified the page design for use in the New UI.  
Supplemental Attendance Sessions This page now includes a button to print the new Room Student-Self-Sign-In Sheet report. Also modified the page design for use in the New UI.  
Supplemental Attendance Data This page no longer includes the Room Student-Self-Sign-In Sheet report, as it has been moved to both the Sessions and Teacher pages. Also modified the page design for use in the New UI.  
Supplemental Attendance Sign In report This report can now be run from the Reports window, allowing multiple rooms to be printed at once. Also, the QR code now includes the School Code in addition to the Room (for future use with the Student App). Increased the font size on all elements of the report.  
Supplemental Attendance Sign In This page will now include walk-in sessions that meet in the given room today during the current time even if the student is not enrolled in them. Also added custom text that will display when a student is unable to login to the page either due to permission or invalid IP address range.  
Supplemental Attendance Class List report This report would cut-off long Student ID numbers, fixed. Also increased the height of the Teacher box to fit up to 4 staff members.  
Supplemental Attendance Class Roster report The wording on the 1 Day Roster's "Signature on Time-In & Time-Out" option has been adjusted to include the clarification that this is as opposed to only printing one signature. Also modified the report design to display "Time-In & Signature" and "Time-Out & Signature" to clarify the purpose of multiple signatures.  
Supplemental Attendance Report This report had the potential to under-report the YTD data when there are records for zero minutes (ATD.TM = 0) or not selecting to Sort on Participation Reason, fixed.  
Supplemental Attendance by Student This page has been modified for use in the New UI.  
Terms The Terms page will now automatically update Gradebook dates (GBK, GBR, and GBU) when related Term dates are updated. Both Gradebook and Course Attendance (CAR) updates are now being done as a "Long Running Process" performed by the Aeries Reporting Engine, allowing the Term date change to save immediately and avoid time-out errors. The Terms page also now includes 1st/2nd Half of Term dates when the Master Scheduled includes sections defined as "FIRST" or "SECOND" in the Split Term field (MST.DY).  
Navigation and Widgets Up and Down arrows are now consistent and represent the action you will take. When you click an arrow facing up, it will collapse the section, when you click an arrow facing down, it will expand the section. Arrows and icons now have a hover state when you place your mouse over them, letting you know they are clickable.  
Home The Tour widget can now be turned off via the Customize Home feature. Also, the Tour has been updated to mention Reverse Search and Recently Viewed students.  
Student Demographics Printing the demographics page now fits content better and prints in IE 11 better.  
AIR Student Details Fields and drop downs on this page have been widened to show more content.  
Course Request Packets Hand-entered Course IDs were not automatically upper-cased when saved, fixed. Also, drop-down fields on this page have been widened to show more content.  
Parent Data Confirmation Adjustments have been made to better support smaller screens.  
Codes Many pages throughout the system now support Code-Value Sorting and Code-Inactivation. Most pages in Aeries already support these features. This release adds the last additional 14 pages.  
Online Help Aeries continues to migrate online help to instead of and add additional context-sensitive help to various pages throughout the system.  
Internships Further Enhancements have been made to this page including: the address field now displays on the Employer Search control and the Employer Name now displays after being selected. Also, Internship Visits would not save properly, fixed.  
Update Code Table Negative values in the "Amount" field would not save properly, fixed.  
Staff Check-in This page was not automatically adding the date returned to student when the item was checked out to multiple users: staff first then student, fixed.  
Asset Item History The incorrect date returned was being displayed, fixed.  
Teachers The School field when viewed at the district level has been widened.  
OneRoster Minor cleanup adjustments have been made to the Aeries OneRoster CSV extract and OneRoster API.  
Query Letter Editor This page had the Author field limited to 20 characters: expanded to 255 to match User Name from the User and Group Names table (UGN.UN).  
Email In certain instances when an SMTP server was set to use authentication without encryption, mail would fail to send, fixed.  
Analytics Test Scanning and Scoring This page was not working since the 7/28 update, fixed.  
Favorites The "Discipline" page was sometimes being displayed as being a favorite, when the "Assertive Discipline" page was actually favorited.  
Latency issues External calls to have been removed to make page loads more efficient.
College Entrance Tests When editing records for any tab, except PreACT, the page was generating an error, fixed.

Old UI Revision Notes for 8/11/2017:

Page Comment
Import Test Results  The CAASPP 2016-17 test results file, .csv format (CAASPP 2016-17 layout from June 27, 2017) can now be imported.
College Entrance Tests  Records on this page could not edited except for the Pre ACT tab, fixed.
Initialize ATT/CAR  This process was not working I the "Old UI", fixed.

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