Known Issue - Transcripts Not Column-Breaking Correctly - Fixed in the 10/4/2017 Update

The following issue has been reported: since the 7.28 update some transcripts may leave large gaps in the columns or skip an entire column. Programming is working to resolve this issue.

Some lineup issue were fixed in the 8/8/2017 Aeries Web update, but the gaps or empty columns is still an issue.  Programming is aware and a fix will out soon.

This is being reported to us from users as still an issue.  I don't see here that it has been resolved.  Please advise, because it's still doing it.

I have the same issue with a few students but thankfully not all.


Hi Kathy,

Apologies for the confusion and misrepresentation. The 8/8 version of Aeries fixed the transcript screen not grouping transcript records by school when taken in the same year and term, but the report remains an issue that is being worked on by our programming team.

Thank you for your patience,

Brent Lloyd

We updated on Wednesday evening, August 9th to version and some of the transcripts are still printing incorrectly.  Do you when this issue will ne resolved?

We upgraded to version on Wednesday night, August 9th and it is still not printing correctly

Some lineup issue were fixed in the 8/8/2017 Aeries Web update.  The gaps or empty columns is still an issue.

This was resolved in the 8/8/2017 version of Aeries Web.

Do you know when this issue will be resolved?

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