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How do you manage Detentions?  Assertive Discipline? Supplemental Attendance?

Would like to know how other Districts record, assign lunch detentions, and document .

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Did you ever get anyone to answer you? We are looking to change our process in Aeries and would like someone to talk it out with. 

Hi Andrea

No,  never received feedback.

So we are going to try something different next year. We are a 9-12 HS. 

Next year we plan to use the Pre-Referral interventions for teacher level interventions. 

Then they will send for Intervention request once they have had parent contact/three interventions. 

The Intervention will be approved or not depending on if there was parent contact by the teacher. 

If the intervention is approved the student will be pulled form the Referral Approval page to come to the security office. Their intervention will include detentions, Saturday school, ect.. If the Code is suspendable we will mark the Disposition: Elevated to Assertive Discipline. 

The only thing I am trying to figure out is how to code a page that pulls the data from the intervention details to provide a quick look up list of detentions. We are self hosted so I have to code the page and am new to SQL. 

How do others assign lunch detention and notify parents of them being assigned it? 

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