Aeries Revision Notes 8/2/2017

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Import Test Results The CAASPP 2016-17 test results file, .csv format (CAASPP 2016-17 layout from June 27, 2017) can now be imported.
Initialize ATT/CAR An error would occur if no STU.SP values were defined in the COD table, fixed.
School of Choice Security An "Admin" security level has been added to the School of Choice Requests (SCR) Security Area.  This level of security is now required to use the School of Choice Management page.
Single Sign On from 3rd Parties After logging in through an SSO process from a 3rd party system like EADMS or SchoolCity, an error would occur, fixed.

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Will the CAASPP 2016-17 be available in the old ui in a future update or just the new UI. We didn't plan on switching until October.

This week's update to the "Old UI" will contain the CAASPP load.  I would strongly recommend against staying on the Old UI into October as mid-September will end our support for the Old UI and no new features or bug fixes will be made after that.  That includes updates to the CALPADS extracts.


Hi Cam, 

Could you please let us know if the new update in OldUI with CAASPP TESTs load will be available this coming Friday or the next Friday? 

The OldUI with the CAASPP Test update was published on 8/11/2017.  

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The Revision Notes for the Old UI are at the bottom of the regular revision notes if an Old UI update is published.

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