Aeries Revision Notes 7/28/2017

Page Comment
Student Information LTEL information will now display at the top of student-related pages in the current user has read permissions to the LAC table and the student is marked "English Learner". Also, Elementary with Master schools now show "Teacher" instead of "Counselor".
CALPADS Extracts The logic to update FRE from Direct Certification has been adjusted to include the students with Reduced ("R") meals. This change is also included in the "Old UI" (Aeries Version 7).
Initialize ATT/CAR Initializing the ATT and CAR tables now requires that Nightly Processing of Attendance History be enabled. Also, the "students with unassigned teacher" error message was always visible in elementary schools, fixed. Also, the "Term Table Start and End Date Missing" error message was not always displaying correctly, fixed.
Copy Scheduling Results to SEC & MST This process was not properly skipping DEL-tagged records in certain places, fixed.  This process also now requires that the scheduling tables be "active".  This should help prevent people from running this process multiple times and causing data integrity issues.
Scheduling Setup This page now skips cached values so changes in other parts of the system immediately are reflected on this page.
Online Help Aeries continues to migrate online help to the Freshdesk Knowledge base ( instead of
Transcripts The Transcripts page will now display the Staff Name under "More" while in read-mode instead of the Staff ID. Also, column spacing has been adjusted when including the new Hours field.
Transcript report Transcripts that extended to a 2nd page would sometimes not print student information at the top of the 2nd page correctly, fixed.
District Asset Security The Functions area of District Assets is now only accessible if a user has Read permissions to the DRA table.  Also, the Mass Add Checked-Out Fees page was visible to users with only Read permissions to FEE, although they could not actually use the page if they navigated there.  Viewing this page in the Navigation now requires Mass Update permissions to FEE.
Mass Change Section Numbers Support has been added for all grade levels, even Kinder, TK and PS. Also, the initial message text has been changed to be more descriptive.
Scheduling Mass Change Sections The initial message text is now more descriptive.
System All references to "" have been changed to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
School of Choice Management This page now does not load students until a search or filter is applied. There is also now a quick student name search. The Student's School of Residence (STU.RS) now displays and can be filtered on. The "Currently Special Ed" column is now filterable. Also, the School Requested data now will wrap at an appropriate point, making the make easier to use.
School of Choice Options This page has been adjusted with minor visual enhancements. Also, when defining code values for the SCR table, the "N1 / Amount" values are working correctly to handle Inter and Intra Districts Transfer values.
School of Choice Requests The School Approved or Rejected is now displayed in the "Decisions" areas.
Supplemental Attendance Sessions The Students tab of this page would not allow students to be added since the 7/14 update, fixed.
Grade Threshold Alerts Alerts are now sent separately by school rather than batched together. This should help system performance. Also for Aeries Communications districts the alerts now use a new back-end method that integrates better into the Communications environment.
Standards Based Report Cards Standards Based Report Cards will now print student data even if there is a report card layout without any valid marks defined.
Standards Based Missing Marks report This report will now limit to marks in the current reporting period.
Standards Based Grades The Print button was available even if no SBG records existed yet. This allowed parents to find out their students' assigned teachers even if that information was supposed to be hidden from parents, fixed.
Fees The Print button in the page header now functions correctly.
System Fonts The system no longer pulls external font resources from 3rd party URLs.
Hot Keys The Hot Key for "Previous Student" was not working, fixed.
School Options The Terms area now provides a scroll bar properly.
Course Requests When using the View SMS popup window, the courses added would sometimes not display immediately, fixed.
Navigation Additional keywords have been added to pages to find them.
Student Search Reverse lookup now works for students without any contacts. Also, an issue was fixed that would create duplicate headings in the search results.
Emulating Users When emulating a user, you can now change current year and the emulation message will keep.
General Changes Spacing and width issues fixed on the following pages: Lockers, Update Valid Marks, Master Schedule, and Update Code Table.

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