KNOWN ISSUE - CALPADS STAS - CERT129 Error for New Students

Newly enrolled students to your district may generate CERT129 - "Expected Attendance Days is greater than Total Enrollment Days" Error in CALPADS.


Information from CALPADS:


CERT129 uses Total Enrollment Days…Total Enrollment Days is calculated based on enrollment in CALPADS and the only way the system can determine Total Enrollment is when the most recent enrollment has an exit end date.  Until LEAs post their exits for the year, the system is using a generic date of May 15 on the back end to calculate Total Enrollment for the CERT129 and 1 column on 1 report as well uses it.


The LEA cannot certify and complete EOY 3 until their school is complete, tell them to ignore these errors for now and as soon as they exit their students for the year, the error will be gone.

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