KNOWN ISSUE - CALPADS STAS Adjustment for Home or Hospital Instruction

CALPADS updated the comment for field #13.13 - Student Absence Summary Data Collection Exemption Indicator. It now says:


Use the exempt indicator if the student is enrolled in a home or hospital instructional setting for a majority of the school year. If a student is enrolled in a home or hospital instructional setting for less than a majority of school year, report attendance summary data for the days the student was not enrolled in the home or hospital setting. 


We need to adjust the STAS extract to lessen the expected days by the home hospital days if the majority of the attendance is at regular ed, not Home Hospital instruction. The student would not be exempt from the STAS.  Programming is working on this now.

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Where is the exempt indicator located?

Please refer to page 8 of the STAS document.  Here is a link to the document:

Thanks for the update on this Kathy. The question I have is from a logic standpoint. If the student was enrolled in regular ed for most of the year, but was in HH for a month, that month should still be considered as "Enrolled" because they are still attached to our district and we are responsible for their learning, and they would be considered 'present' during that time because we send a HH teacher to them. In my opinion, I think the expected days should include this time, and the present days should include this time also. I guess it's worth a question to CALPADS to be sure. Let me know if you want me to ask that via the Service Desk.

If there HH status was MORE than 1/2 of the time they were enrolled with us during the year, then the student would be exempt, and no STAS record would be required for the student.

Hi Jan,

Yes I would suggest you contact CALPADS regarding your HH question above.  Thank you

Sorry I was not clear when asking my question. Is there a field called Exempt Indicator in Aeries? I already know where it is in CP.

No there is not an Aeries field for the Exempt Indicator.  Students are automatically flagged when in an NPS school or with the Home or Hospital Instruction STU.SP code.

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