CALPADS Known Issues as of 5/16/2017 - Fixed 5/19/2017

The following fixes are in QC now hoping to ship with the next updates:


SDIS – Discipline File

· Error SDIS0312 - Removal to Interim Alt Setting Populated for Non-Special Education Student.  Field should not extract if student is no longer Special Ed.  Client and Web 

· Error SDIS0094 - Mismatch of Disciplinary Incident Attributes.  Incident Most Severe Offense Code must be the same for all students with the same Disciplinary Incident ID.  Web is extracting the Incident Most Severe Offense Code by student and not matching for all SDIS records with the same Disciplinary Incident ID.  Client is extracting correctly.

 SENR – Student Enrollment File  

· Extracting 0 records for SENR file only.  In some cases, in Aeries Web, the SENR extract could throw an error on the last student while processing SENR.  

· In some districts, the LOC.SC for school 0 (zero) is incomplete (fewer than 7 zeroes) which prevents extracting data in Aeries Web.  Added logic to continue the extract.


SCTE – Career Technical Education File 

· The SCTE file is now available in Aeries Web.  We will be disabling the SCTE button in Aeries Client.

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