CALPADS Student Absence Summary (STAS) File Days Attended (13.16) Field Clarification Email

In regards to the email from CALPADS , we have verified that Aeries is extracting the Days Attended (13.16) field correctly for both Suspensions and In-house Suspensions in the STAS file.  

Please refer to the documents links below for more information on the STAS file and Absence Codes:



From: CALPADS <>
Date: Thu, May 11, 2017 at 4:37 PM
Subject: Student Absence Summary (STAS) File Days Attended (13.16) Field Clarification

Dear CALPADS LEA Administrators, Student Information System Vendors, and Local Educational Agency Representatives:

The purpose of this notification is to provide additional clarification to the Days Attended (13.16) field being collected as part of the new Student Absence Summary (STAS) File during the End of Year (EOY) Submission.

As stated in the CALPADS File Specifications v8.6, Days Attended are the total number of days the student attended the school. Days Attended does not include days a student was absent due to an out-of-school suspension. Please note, Days Attended includes the days a student attended in-school suspension even though days in attendance in in-school suspension is reported separately in the Days in Attendance In-School Suspension (13.18) Field.  Users have been receiving a STAS0318 (Invalid Total Absences and Days Attended) error for records where Days Attended does not already include Days in attendance in-school suspension. Days in attendance in-school suspension is not included in the total Absences as part of this validation.  

Please ensure your SIS is reporting the Days Attended (13.16) field correctly to CALPADS. 

Thank you.


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