CALPADS SINF-Student Information Extract - Errors Generating from the Web Extract - Adjustments Made on the 4/21/2017 Aeries Web Update

We have had several reports of new CALPADS errors generating from the SINF File created in Aeries Web.  We are looking into these now.

From the 4/21/2017 Aeries Web Update:

CALPADS Extracts:  Some adjustments have been made to the SINF extract to fix errors caused by invalid combinations of birth city and birth state; or by the ethnicity indicator. Some translations for invalid data were not working properly, fixed.

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Hello Kathy,

I wanted to let you know CALPADS SINF extracts on web is still producing more records than Aeries CS.  I'm also on the new version of Aeries for both Web and CS.



Hi Reina,

Yes the CALPADS SINF in Aeries Web will have a different number of records than Client.  There is different logic being used in Web.  Have you submitted the file to CALPADS?  We will help with errors that are generating but

the numbers will not match between Web and Client for the SINF extract.  

oh ok.  I did submit the web SINF to CALPADS but prior to the April 21st update.  I'll submit the new web SINF file and see what error i get.  Thank you.

Good Morning Kathy,

So I ran the Web SINF in CALPADS and I received a few errors.  Most have to do with the LGD table.  However, I don't understand why we would have those LGD errors because Chris (our Tech guy) has cleared the LGD table for sure twice if not more, since Aug 2016.  Which most of the students with the errors have been enrolled since Aug 2016.  Another error is SINF0061 - US School enrollment less than 3yrs.  Once again I'm not sure why were getting this when we have in code translation Aeries blank = CALPADS No.

Hi Reina,

I created a ticket so that a support rep can assist you on this issue.

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