Updates to CRDC Part 2 - Fixed 3/31/2017

The following udpates to the Part 2 Civil Rights Reports/Extract are being tested. We will be shipping the update once it passes testing:

1. Table 11 - Retentions - an Invalid Use of Null error may display when there is No District Calendar, and the RET.DT > the first day of school. This will be fixed.

                      Also, using the STU.NG for Retentions option does not include all of the students in the extract.


2. Table 24 - Instances of Suspensions - is displaying the # of students, it needs to display the # of incidences


3. Table 25 - School Days Missed Due to Out-of-School Suspensions - the LEP, IDEA and 504 columns are currently displaying the # of students. They need to display the # of school days missed


4. Table 26 - Offenses - Number of Incidences - is limiting by unique students. It should only limit by unique incidences.


5. Tables 07 and 08 - Student Participation in AP Exams - adding additional logic to limit the students that are counted to those that were identified in Part 1 as being enrolled in an AP course.

         Also, the tables are reflecting the number of AP tests that the AP students took in the 2015-16 year rather than the number of unique AP students that took an AP test.

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The above issues have been fixed in the 3/31/2017 update of Aeries Client. The update also included these additional changes:

6. The logic for the Algebra I tables in Part 2 (tables 2 and 3) has been adjusted to only include the students that were enrolled in the Algebra I courses in Part 1.

7. Adjusted race determination logic so that multiple races in the same subgroup are reported with that subgroup instead of "Two or More Races". For example, multiple Asian races will now be reported in the "Asian" subgroup.

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