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Google Classroom for Elementary Schools

I saw this note on the Google Classroom Configuration screen in AeriesWeb:

* Some Google Classroom features are not yet available for Elementary Schools without a master schedule.

Does this mean that Google Classroom now DOES work for elementary schools, just not as fully featured (fingers crossed)? Or does it still only work for schools identified as Elementary With Master Schedule?  If that is the case, any idea when regular elementary schools can use google classroom?

(Note: I tried to post this as a reply to an earlier topic but was not able to successfully get the comment to stick. So, I thought I'd post it as a new topic to see if that works. If this is duplicated, sorry for the mess).

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The Google Classroom integration to import scores from an assignment still works for schools without a master schedule, the only feature that isn't there yet is the ability to sync class rosters.

Thanks Jason. Unfortunately, that's the one part they want the most!

Is the documentation above updated now that the elementary piece is functioning? 

Also, is there documentation showing how the teacher links the google classrooms with the new UI?

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