KNOWN ISSUE and INFORMATION - Fixed 3/17/2017


Gradebook, Scores by Class – As of the 3/10/2017 update, the Edit Assignment link is missing when clicking on the assignment.  Programming is looking into this now.




New Contacts Field - In case you missed it in the revision notes, we now have a new Contacts field (CON.ERH) for Educational Rights Holder (Ed Rights Holder or ERH for short). This is an informational field that can be populated with a hard-coded Yes/No/Blank dropdown. It is used to denote a contact as an Educational Rights Holder. Currently it is displayed on the Contact Page as well as the Quick Con. Also, if Contacts are added to 504 Plans, this field is used to pre-populate the Ed Rights Holder field there.


Summer School Course Request Changes:


Currently the Summer School Course Request page is only available in secondary school types on the Course Request page.   In testing now is a fix to allow elementary schools to view the Summer School Course Request page.


Query – Currently you cannot query the STU table and the Summer School tables at the school level.  A fix for this is in testing now.  We are hoping to ship both with the next update.  



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The 3/17/2017 updated contained the following fixes:

  • Gradebook Scores By Class - Since the 3/10/2017 update, the Edit Assignment link is missing in the Quick Assignment Info popup, fixed.
  • Summer School Course Requests - The Course Requests page is now available to Elementary Schools. 
  • Query - Querying tables related to Summer School Course Requests was not working at school site, fixed.

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