504 Plan and Scheduling Master Errors - Fixed 2/24/2017

Known Issues - As of the 2/17/2017 update, the following pages are generating errors:

  • Schedule Master  - error when accessing the page and scheduling is set to current year or next year.  The SMS Board is working correctly
  • 504 Plans - in certain circumstances, error when adding a new plan
Programming is looking into this now.

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Programming has identified the issue with the 504 Plans page and is working on a fix. The problem is related to SQL 2008 servers only.

I don't think that is completely true. My understanding is unless you add codes in FAP.CD you won't be able to add any new Accommodations. So you'll need to figure out what Accommodations codes you want to have and then add them in your FAP.CD under Update Code Table.

We are in the process of updating the 504 Documentation and will be posted as soon as it's ready.

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I am having the same issue

504 Accommodations are unique to the student. There is not a standard set of codes to add. 

These  issues are fixed in the 2/24/2017 version of Aeries.

My 2 cents: in the new documentation please try to include a sample set of codes to use. I know this is a District choice, but I suspect that many Districts are like ours and don't necessarily have an already established 504 Plan form or anything to reference. We created one earlier this year, but based it on the new 504 Page in Aeries. So when these changes happened we have now had to re-create our 504 Plan form to reflect these changes, and come up with additional new Accommodation codes. So while every District can and should do their own thing, it would be great to have Aeries at least provide some code guidelines or recommendations to get started and we can build/modify our individual setup from there.

Hi Ryan, actually we just posted the documentation and a sample 504 code set that can be used. Check it out here. Along with the documentation, there is a link to SQL code which can be used to populate these default codes.

Awesome. This is much appreciated Kevin.

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