Gradebook Assignment Issues with New Google Chrome Version - Fixed 2/17/2017


Gradebook - Add Assignment -  On the newest version of Chrome, Version 56, users are unable to Save an assignment initially.  A message displays “The Due Time field is required” and the dates are not auto-populating. 

Programming is looking into this now.  Work around -  After the message is displayed, the assignment can be saved by re-entering the dates.  Firefox is working correctly.


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Hi Kathy,

I'd like to add that our teachers are reporting that the dates don't save the first time they try to re-enter them; it takes multiple tries before they finally get saved.  We cannot use Firefox because Chrome is the required browser for our district, as it's also used for SBAC.

Do you have an eta for when this might be fixed for Chrome?



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My district is also looking for an ETA for the fix. I will be sharing the information you've provided to the sites on how to address the issue. 

Thanks! =]

Hi Kathy,

I also want to add that Petaluma City Schools are mostly using Chrome browser too so please let us know if there is an eta for this.



The fix will be shipping in tomorrow's update, 2/17/2017. It turned out to be a bigger project than expected so we had to test the entire system. 

Here are the details:

 Aeries Web - The following third party packages have been updated: Kendo to v2017.1.118. Ajax Control Toolkit to v16.1.1.0. Jquery to v1.12.3. And IE 8 mode has been removed.

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