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The following are issues reported that programming is currently looking into:

  • SPRG0077 Overlapping Program Records – Students with ATT/ENR Leave Reason of 440- Program Change may not be extracting correctly in the SPRG file.  For students with multiple enrollments for this school year including an ATT/ENR Leave Reason of 440, multiple SPRG records may extract as open and generate the Overlapping error. 
  • CERT005 – Student Course Section Not Enrolled on Census Day -  SCSE records are extracting in some situations for students who were not enrolled as of Information Day.  Students with ATT/ENR Leave Reason of 440 - Program Change and then multiple enrollments are affected.  
  •  CERT084 – No Staff Assignments for Demographics Error - Staff that have left last year are extracting with leave dates.  This is causing the CERT084 error.  Work around until the extract is fixed, is to remove the STF.PS Position Status value in the Staff record to prevent the SDEM record from extracting.

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The LVL field was added to the CPH table in the 5/7/2019 update. It appears the process for creating the SCTE file was not updated to look at the value of CPH.LVL since all CPH records for the current academic year are being included, not just those in which LVL is '2' (concentrator) or '3' (completer).

Hi Roger,

The CALPADS SCTE extract was updated to limit to the CPH.LVL field as of the 5/31/2019 update:

CALPADS Extracts

The logic for the SENR indicators has been adjusted to use grade level translations. Also, the SENR ODS reconciliation was not working since the addition of the SENR indicators, fixed. Additionally, the Student Career Technical Education (SCTE) extract has been modified to include the new Career Pathways History Level (CPH.LVL) field in the processing. Only records with a level of Concentrator or Completer will be included in the SCTE extract. Career Pathways History records with a Level (CPH.LVL) of Non-Concentrator will not be extracted.

Thanks, Kathy!

Good Morning,

After uploading all disicpline files I now have over 150 SINC0499 fatal errors under cert errors.  All three files SINC, SIRS and SOFF passed with flying colors but this morning SINC errors.  When reviewing the reason for the error CALPADS states that the student had an IEP during the time of discipline and that the Removal to Interim Alt Setting should be set to blank or 3-No Removal.  These students were set to No Removal yet these errors.

I can not find on CALPADS Known Issues that this is an issue so I have to ask could this be an Aeries issue?  I am grasping at straws right now.  Changing all students with Fatals from 3-No Removal to blank because blank is my only other correct option.


Happy Wednesday!

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