Aeries CALPADS Known Issues

The following are issues reported that programming is currently looking into:

  • SPRG0077 Overlapping Program Records – Students with ATT/ENR Leave Reason of 440- Program Change may not be extracting correctly in the SPRG file.  For students with multiple enrollments for this school year including an ATT/ENR Leave Reason of 440, multiple SPRG records may extract as open and generate the Overlapping error. 
  • CERT005 – Student Course Section Not Enrolled on Census Day -  SCSE records are extracting in some situations for students who were not enrolled as of Information Day.  Students with ATT/ENR Leave Reason of 440 - Program Change and then multiple enrollments are affected.  
  • CERT084 – No Staff Assignments for Demographics Error - Staff that have left last year are extracting with leave dates.  This is causing the CERT084 error.  Work around until the extract is fixed, is to remove the STF.PS Position Status value in the Staff record to prevent the SDEM record from extracting.

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