CAASPP or other Test Imports may fail - Fixed 12/16/2016

While Importing Test Results, a user may encounter a Yellow Screen error as shown below.

A current workaround to this issue is to copy the AeriesReportingConfig.config file to the path displayed in the error message. So in this example copying to c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\ on your web server will solve the issue.


This issue will be corrected in an upcoming update of Aeries.

I guess I don't have permissions on my own PC to add to the the C drive.  WOW.  When will this be fixed, is anyone else trying to load these scores or is it just me?


The path mentioned is referring to the Aeries web server, so you'll most likely need to contact your Aeries Administrator or IT Team at your school or District to resolve this issue. I clarified that in the article. Thanks for pointing that out! We hope to have a fix for this out soon, but until then the workaround is a quick fix.

This fix was released with the 12/16/2016 version of Aeries. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Aeries Support.

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