2016-17 SAT Data File Import Issues

Several Districts have called in regarding issues while importing recent downloads of the 2016-17 SAT Scores. When they attempt to upload the scores into Aeries via the Import Test Results form an error message may come up “The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value”. If they continue to import the file into Aeries it will load the scores with seemingly random test dates. These records will need to be deleted from the system.


I have been in contact with the College Board and confirmed that the file layout has not changed. College Board has no known issues with the SAT download. College Board suggests that the districts re-download a new file of the SAT results.


Districts can verify the file prior to importing it into Aeries using the following steps:


1.Open up the SAT data file in a Text Editor that displays character position #s (NotePad++ or TextPad).

2.There should be a large numeric value with some possible trailing spaces in positions 643 – 657. This field is called the “Latest SAT: Registration Number”

3.Position 658 should be either a blank or a "Y"

4.Beginning in position 659 should be a date in the format YYYY-MM-DD (ex. 2016-10-17 )

5.What we have found in the incorrect data files is that the 15-character "Latest SAT: Registration Number" field is only 10 characters long (no longer padded with the 5 trailing spaces) so all of the other fields are shifted 5 characters to the left.

6.If the date begins in position 654 rather than position 659, the districts will need to call College Board for Support and let them know that the files they are downloading are in an incorrect format.