Vanguard Customers are early adopters and early engagers of the Aeries NextGen system.  They get the earliest look at the system and get the greatest opportunity to influence how the system is built.

ANYONE CAN BE A VANGUARD - you just need to engage with us and work to make Aeries the best it can be.  This includes customers in CA & TX and all types of schools.

Below you will find details on what it means to be a Vanguard.

To express interest in your LEA becoming a NextGen Vanguard, please fill out this survey:

Going Live with Aeries NextGen

Vanguards MIGHT be able to “Go-Live” for the 2024-2025 school year, but it is not a requirement and may not be possible based on features available on the platform.  An individual feature-needs assessment will be performed for all Vanguard Customers to determine the best timeline for going live with Aeries NextGen.  This includes the possibility of a mid-year transition during the 2024-2025 school year.

Data Migration and Training

Vanguards will have their data migrated into NextGen Sandboxes in the earliest stages and will have access to those systems for evaluation, feedback and learning.  They will also have access to no-cost* training for staff (* some exceptions may apply).

Expectations / Requirements

  • Maintain a minimum level of engagement with Customer Success Manager (CSM), Training, and Product Teams (* minimum level will be detailed before a commitment is made)
  • Provide testimonials
    • Product Features
    • Leadership Interviews
    • User Interviews
    • Surveys
    • Willingness to advocate for NextGen
  • For customers not going live in 2024-2025, key testing of features by various roles.  Key testers to be clearly identified during onboarding.
  • Must have a “Lead Aeries Liaison”
  • Must be represented on the NextGen Advisory Committee
  • Actively engage in data review of migrated data
  • Complete regular product surveys

Perks / Advantages / Opportunities

  • Access to No-Cost Training
    • * Exceptions may apply
  • Direct Access to a CSM and Support (may include on-site and regional engagements)
    • Includes access to Aeries Slack space
    • Access to the Aeries NextGen Vanguard Community
    • Access to NextGen Product Team for feedback and input
    • Additional Perks are being considered and will be announced in the Spring/Summer 2023
  • All Vanguard environments will be hosted by Aeries Software
    • * This does not exclude the ability for a district to transition to a self-managed instance at a later date
  • Group size will be capped at around 50