The Next Generation of Aeries will be rolled out to customers over the course of the next several years. Phase 1 Early Adopters will begin upgrade activities (including training and data migration). Phase 2 and Phase 3 will begin in subsequent years.

Phase 1 Early Adopters

Phase 1 Early Adopters will begin using Aeries NextGen with a limited subset of features.  Ideal candidates for Phase 1 Early Adopters include small districts in California, private schools, and charter schools.  Customers will be selected by analyzing their current system usage.  Participation in this phase will be optional, although there may be incentives and advantages to customers who participate.

Phase 2 & 3

Customers not included in Phase 1 will be included in either Phase 2 or 3.  Districts with extensive custom integrations or customizations are encouraged to wait until Phase 3 to give their staff sufficient time to get their customs ready for Aeries NextGen.  Aeries Staff will engage extensively with these districts to evaluate and develop solutions to convert existing customs and extensions.