Combining California’s most popular Student Information System and Data & Assessment Platform makes for an excellent experience for shared users. Any new Aeries-Illuminate Integrations should utilize the Aeries API. Legacy Illuminate Education customers may have an older console application that can now be replaced with an API connection. Please reach out to your Illuminate support representative to ensure these changes can be made. 

The instructions below can be used to create an API Certificate for Illuminate Education:

1. Login to your Aeries website as an admin

2. Go to Security -> API Security

3. Select the “Add New Record” button  

4. Enter the product name (Illuminate Education) and any comment you’d like, then click Insert.

5. Add the permissions listed below:

Table/Program AreaPermission Needed
 Student Data 
Student DataRead
 Student Programs 
Special ProgramsRead
Special EducationRead
Free and ReducedRead
Supplemental DataRead
District Supplemental DataRead
Contacts Read
Class Schedules/History Read
Absence Code TableRead
Attendance HistoryRead
Bell ScheduleRead
Enrollment HistoryRead
Assertive DisciplineRead
 Test Scores 
Test ScoresRead
College Entrance TestsRead
Student PicturesRead
Gradebook DataRead, Update
Gradebook ScoresRead, Update
Gradebook CategoryRead
Gradebook AssignmentRead
Teacher Data - Read Read
Staff DataRead
Staff Job AssignmentsRead
Staff Assignments (Classified)Read
Master ScheduleRead
Course DataRead
Classes Read
Schedule Master ScheduleRead
Student Scheduling Schedules (Course Requests)Read
Class Calendars
Flex PeriodsRead
 Grade Reporting 
Transcripts Read
Graduation Status Read
 School Information 
Users Read
Graduation Requirements Read
Single Sign On (from the 3rd party system)Read
Student GroupsRead
Language AssessmentRead
Language Assessment Other
Language Assessment Test History
Language Assessment Waivers

6. Select the checkbox next to “Display Certificate Details” 

You'll provide the Certificate along with your Aeries base URL * to Illuminate so that the y can connect to the API. 

*The "base URL" is the entire web address of your Aeries system leading up to the part that says "/Login.aspx" or "/LoginParent.aspx" (before logging in)

In this example, the highlighted text is the "base URL." Your own base URL will be different. 

For hosted customers, your base URL can be like any of the following (replace "yourdistrictname" with your actual assigned URL address):