This article lists some helpful steps to enable successful access to AeriesCon Virtual Open Forum.


  • Preferred browser - Chrome
  • Verify audio:  Headset, Computer Speakers, etc.
  • In Task Bar Tray - Speaker Icon:  Confirm that audio is not muted and headset is selected

Attendees Profile

Update your profile in the top right-hand corner.  Add the following:

  • A photo (optional)
  • Full Name
  • Title/Position in Headline
  • School District in Company
  • Changes will display after exiting Open Forum and reentering


Getting Started

Upon entry, navigate to one of the START HERE - Host tables.  The Host will chat with you to determine which Aeries representative is available to assist you.  The host will assign a designated table for you and an Aeries representative to meet and work together.

Whenever an attendee joins the table group, you will hear a "knock knock" to signify that someone has arrived.  To view attendees at the table in tiles, select the Tile view icon, located on the bottom of the screen.  To communicate with an attendee not at the table, use the Chat icon.

Sharing Screen - Aeries Demo Database

For security purposes, live data cannot be displayed. All demonstrations will be presented in an Aeries Demo Database.

Aeries representatives:  Select the Application Window when sharing the Aeries Demo Database to display a larger view for the attendee.


If an Aeries representative shares a Demo DB to show Aeries features/functionality, it will display as a tile.  Click the tile to view on the screen.  In the top right-hand corner, there is an Expand Icon that enlarges the tile.

End of Session

Open Forum sessions are limited to the designated period time slots.  A two-minute warning will sound to inform all attendees that the session is ending soon. When the time is up, all attendees are dropped from the session.  If the end of the session is approaching and you still have questions, make arrangements to continue the conversation.   

Arrangement Options:

  • Make arrangements to connect again at a designated table with the Aeries representative in the next session
  • Make arrangements to meet during another session with the Aeries representative
  • Return to the START HERE - Host table to be re-assigned to another Aeries representative

For Aeries Employees Only

Aeries Employees Profile

Update your profile in the top right-hand corner.  Add the following:

  • A photo to help the Hosts with identifying your location in Open Forum
  • Enter Full Name as:  Aeries - First Name
  • Enter Headline as:  Title/Position
  • Enter Company as:  Aeries SIS
  • Changes will display after exiting Open Forum and reentering


Adding/Setting Virtual Background Images

  1. Once in the ‘building’, select the arrow next to the camera widget at the bottom of the screen


  1. Select ‘Virtual Background BETA’

  1. Select ‘Add image’
  2. Select the files you wish to add*
    1. Remo requires a different image size than Zoom. Make sure you have downloaded the correct backgrounds.
  3. Choose your background and save.