Session Description

Aeries strives to support users, no matter their role, with robust resources. This workshop will introduce the many support tools that are easily and quickly accessible. The Book of Knowledge and the variety of Aeries Academies will be presented. Attendees will learn that questions can easily be answered by accessing the Demo Database, adding to the Aeries Community page, or submitting a support ticket. Where to submit enhancement suggestions to Aeries will also be included. This session is intended for the novice user of AeriesĀ® SIS.

Session Content

  • Book of Knowledge,     
  • Videos and written documentation, 
  • Table and Field names
  • Aeries Academies, 
  • Demo Database from Admin, teacher, parent, and student perspectives, 
  • Aeries Community,     
  • Aeries Enhancements suggested by users,     
  • Questions to Aeries Support by email for specific users: 

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