The Student Attendance District Summary Report is one of the three audit reports that should be run and verified for each six-week reporting period. Per the TEA Student Attendance Accounting Handbook (SAAH), the superintendent should review data as follows:

  • Scrutinize regular attendance totals and special program attendance totals based on approximate membership.
  • Investigate all data totals that have an exceptionally high value or a value of zero.
  • Compare current year totals to prior year totals to detect unreasonable differences.

The chart below lists the specific SAAH Requirement per 2.3.3 District Summary Reports and shows the specific section of the Student Attendance District Summary Report where the information can be reviewed and verified.

SAAH Requirement per 2.3.3 District Summary ReportsAeries Student Attendance District Summary Report Section

1. name of the district

2. county-district number

3. six-week reporting period

4. beginning and ending dates of the reporting period, including the year (If the district has multiple campuses or tracks, the earliest track beginning date and latest track ending date should be indicated.)

Report heading

5. totals of all campus data, summarized by grade and including:

  • days membership (includes eligible and ineligible students)
  • days absent (includes eligible and ineligible students)
  • total days present (includes eligible and ineligible students)
  • ineligible days present
  • eligible days present
  • eligible days bilingual/ESL
  • eligible days PRS
  • eligible days special education mainstream

6. district total for all grades for all data required in item 5 above

District Summary section
7. District ADA (regular classroom eligible participation, bilingual/ESL, PRS, and mainstream) Program ADA/FTE section
8. total eligible days present and total contact hours for all CTE codes (V1-V6), if applicableDistrict Summary - Career Tech Summary section

9. FTE calculations for all special programs reported for data required in items 8 and 9 below

CTE FTE = Contact Hours * Contact Value / 6

Special Education FTE = Contact Hours * Funding Weight

Per TEC 48.102(a) and 
SAAH Section 13 Appendix:

Instructional SettingFunding Weight
District Summary - Career Tech Summary section

District Summary - Special Education Summary section

Program ADA/FTE section (District Grand Totals)


10. total eligible days present, total contact hours, and total excess contact hours for all special education instructional settings, including speech therapy, if applicable
District Summary - Special Education Summary section
11. total number of students, by grade, who were served in a state-approved gifted/talented program, if applicableDistrict Summary section
12. signature page, signed by persons recording data and persons approving data (This page may be signed each six-week reporting period or each semester at local discretion. If your district uses a paperless attendance accounting system, the electronic equivalent of a signature page.Final page

Data Totals

  • Data totals for all track level Student Detail Reports must add up to respective totals on the Campus Summary Report.
  • Likewise, data totals for all Campus Summary Reports must add up to respective totals on the District Summary Report

Student Attendance Detail
Student Attendance Campus Summary

Track Summaries (end of report)

All Track Totals added together = Campus Totals

Campus Summary

Student Attendance Campus Summary
Student Attendance District Summary
All Campus Totals added together = District Totals
District Summary