Individual Records Import using TREx

Individual student data can be imported from the TREx system using the Student Demographics form in Aeries. The process for using the TREx system for individual student records Import  requires the use of a properly formatted TREx .XML data file. 


Importing individual student data to Aeries from TREx can be done by accessing the Demographics form. Select the Import button located in the lower portion of the Demographics screen. 


If the TREx system has been properly configured and the current user has sufficient permissions to perform the import, the form below will appear. 

Selecting the From TREx button will present a standard file look-up window which can be used to select an existing TREx formatted .XML file for import. 


To create a TREx compatible .xml export file for the currently selected student that can be used for import into the TREx system, select the Export button at the bottom of the Demographics page.