CALPADS Flash 178 indicates that an Exempt STAS record needs to be submitted for any student who enrolled between the Last Day of Regular Attendance and the scheduled end of the school year. As previously directed by the CDE, Districts should be enrolling these students through the end of the school year, even if they will not physically attend school. 

Since these students will already have SENR, SINF, and other pertinent records in CALPADS, a fatal error will trigger for enrolled students who do not have a STAS record, unless the exemption indicator is populated. 

Here's the recommended procedure to make sure that Aeries handles these students correctly.

First, ensure there is a Program code (STU.SP) that can be considered “Exempt from STAS.”  This may be an existing code or a newly added code on the Update Code Table screen.

Next, this code should be selected in the STU.SP values for STAS Exempt on the CALPADS Other Options tab. 

Finally, for each student enrolling as a new student in a school (this includes students new to the district and students transferring within the district) after the date populated in the Last Day Of Regular Attendance on the District Settings/School Information page:

1. Change the student’s Program to the Exemption Code

2. When asked to change the Next Program, select Cancel. - This will allow the student to roll to next year with their correct program set in new year


3. Update Attendance as normal

PLEASE NOTE:  If the student was already enrolled in Attendance, there will be a warning about the Program Code does not match current enrollment record. In this case, as long as the Attendance Enrollment Date is after the Last Day of Regular Attendance, you only need to edit the existing line of enrollment to match the program code.

4. Add Classes as normal, if needed


Note: CALPADS will give the following warning message for these students once the Exempt records are uploaded. STAS0313-Absence Summary Exemption Only for NPS or Home/Hospital Schooled Student. You may ignore this error message as this is the CALPADS-recommended procedure for these students.

See:  EOY3 CALPADS STAS File - Other Options