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Aeries Field NameAeries Table.FieldTEDS Element IDTEDS Data ElementTEDS XML NameCodeSetComment

ReasonBER.RSE1033RESTRAINT-REASON-CODETX-PrimaryRestraintReasonC173Prepopulated with C173 codeset. Additional reason codes can be added in the Update Code Table page and mapped to the appropriate state defined code in Texas State Reporting - Code Translations.
School of IncidentBER.SCLE1032CAMPUS-ID-OF-RESTRAINT-EVENTStateOrganizationID

Staff TypeBER.STYE1516RESTRAINT-STAFF-TYPE-CODETX-RestraintStaffC194If BER.STY = '01', Special Ed students with BER.RS = '01' - '07' will be extracted. If BER.STY = '02', students with BER.RS = '08' will be extracted.
Incident LookupBER.IIDE1035RESTRAINT-INSTANCE-NUMBERRestraintEventIdentifier

Please refer to the Behavioral Emergency article for more information on how to add and edit Behavioral Emergency records.