The PEIMS Fall submission reports a 12-digit Census Block Group number for each economically disadvantaged student. Homeless students may have blank Census Block Group numbers. 

A process for mass adding Census Block Group numbers is provided on the Functions tab on the Street Address Management page. Census Block Group numbers can be added to individual students on the Demographics page, when modifying a student's residential address. Census Block Group numbers are saved in the SCB fields in both the STU table and Address History table (ADH).


Update permissions to STU will be required to add a Census Block Group to an individual student's record. Mass Add permissions to STU is required to use the Census Block Check process to add Census Block Group numbers to a group of students.

Setting the Student Census Block Minimum Score (Confidence Level)

At the District level, on the 3rd Party System Connections page, a minimum score can be set for the match between a student's address in Aeries to the address found in the ArcGIS system. By default, the minimum score is set to 100%, but can be modified. The option is located in the System Connections area. Update permission to LOC is needed to modify the ArcGIS Student Census Block Minimum Score

Additionally, to see an address' match score, the address can be spot checked. Click the Edit button and the Spot Check field will be displayed. Type an address and press the Check button to spot check the address' match score:

Mass Adding Census Block Group Numbers Using Census Block Check

The Census Block Check process is located on the Street Address Management page, on the Functions tab. Filter Pages by "street address management" or navigate to School Info > Street Address Management

Click on the Functions tab.

The Census Block Check process may be run for all students or limited to only economically disadvantaged students. A status area will display the last time the Census Block Check was run:

When Census Block Check is pressed, the process will attempt to find a Census Block Group for each student address. 

A popup will require confirmation:

When OK is pressed, the process will start. If Census Block Group numbers are found, they will be saved in the STU.SCB field for each student. Another popup will indicate that the process is running.

The Census Block Check button will be grayed out and the status area will display that the process is running:

Note:  if the process is run for a large number of students, it may take some time to complete. 

When the process is complete, an email will be sent:

Adding a Census Block Group to an Individual Student

Click on the Change Address button on a student's Demographics page to display the Update Address History popup.

A student's Residence and/or Mailing address can be modified on the Update Address History popup. Under the address fields, the Student Census Block Group field is set to Auto Update upon address modification by default. The Auto Update option can be un-checked at each time the address is modified, if the Student Census Block Group should not be updated.


To look up a Census Block Group, modify the address as needed. In this example, the student has moved to a new address, so the Address Modification Reason is Address Change. The Effective Date of the new address is 10/03/2019. Once the new address is typed in to the Residence fields (New/Current Address, City, State, and Zip), the process will attempt to look up the Census Block Group. If the address is found, the Census Block Group will be added to the field and the message will indicate success. 

If the process does not find a match, the yellow informational warning will read "Please check the address and manually verify using the map." 

First, make sure that each Residence field has been entered correctly. If each field is correct and the Census Block Group is still not found, press the map pin icon button to search for the address on the Census Block Group Map popup: 

The Census Block Group Map popup will be displayed. Type the address into the search box and press the search button. Potential matches will be displayed in a dropdown. Click on an address and the map will re-center on the address. Census Block Groups are displayed on the map itself. 


Additionally, the choices in the dropdown may provide a slightly different version of the address. If confirmed to be correct, the corrected address can be added to Aeries, so that the process can look up and record the correct Census Block Group.

If the Census Block Group is manually entered, it will be saved and an informational message will be displayed: