Any offenses committed by a student during summer school should be reported to CALPADS, even if the summer school is not the student's primary school during the academic year.

The disciplinary incident will need to be added manually in CALPADS.  

  • Create a secondary enrollment for the student in CALPADS.
  • Add the disciplinary incident.
  • Exit the student's enrollment using the last day of summer school.
  • If a student will serve the suspension days in the next academic year, enter the suspension code for the appropriate number of days on the student's attendance record.

When the STAS extract is submitted at the end of the school year, any suspension days that occurred during the first week of school as result of a summer school suspension will not produce any validation errors.  The STAS extract is validated using suspension data from April 1st of the previous year through the end of the current school year.