The Files tab allows the user to create the UC ELC and Student Contact Data extracts. In a future update the TES and FN extracts will also be available in this area. Select which extract(s) to create by checking the box next to the file type. Click on the Create Export Files button. A processing message will display while the files are being created. After the files are created they will display in the File Download area. 

To download the files click on the download icon to the left of the Type. The Chrome browser will display the download at the bottom of the screen. 

The ELC file can be imported into the UC ELC Site as is. The data in the Aeries generated Student Contact Data file will need to be copied and pasted into the ELC Student File Template. Download a copy of the Student_File_Template.xls from the ELC Submission Portal. Copy the data from the Aeries Student Contact Data file into the Student_File_Template being careful not to remove the first 3 header rows. Rename and save the template. It is now ready to be imported into the UC ELC Site.

Upload the UC ELC and Student Contact Data File

After the export file has been created it can be uploaded through the UC ELC Student Extract Software. An ID and password are required from the UC Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions to access their software. 

Use the Upload UC ELC Site link in the Requirements tab to quickly navigate to the UC ELC School Portal. For any questions regarding uploading the UC ELC Extract or Student Contact Data file please contact the ELC Help Desk at 800-839-8507.