Course Requests

To schedule students into classes the course requests must be entered first. These requests can be added manually or done by using course request scanner sheets.

Scanner Sheets

  •  After all courses are setup in the CRS table, use the Print Crs Request Scanner Sheet option to create and print scanner sheets.
  • After sheets are bubbled with the course selections for the students, use the Read Course Request Scanner Sheets option to scan the requests.

Manual Entry 

  • If student requests are manually entered: Use the Update or Schedule one Student Into Classes to enter the course requests for each student.
  • Use the Get option to select a student. Use Add to enter a course number for the course requested.

Schedule Students into Classes

From the Student Scheduling Cycle form, click the mouse on Schedule All Students into Classes. The following form will display.

Select the Scheduling Sequence and Options on the left hand side of the form. Click the mouse on the Schedule all Students Into Classes button. After scheduling is complete and students are scheduled to the highest maximum possible, Exit the Schedule All Students into Classes form.

Move Schedules to SEC/MST

After all students are scheduled into sections and the scheduling process is complete, the data must be moved to the STU and MST tables. From the Student Scheduling Cycle form, click the mouse on Copy Results to STU and MST Tables.

The following message will display. Click the mouse on the Yes button. A message will then display indicating the data will now be in the STU and MST tables. Click the mouse on the OK button.

Schedule Student into Classes Manually

From the Student Data form, click the mouse on the Classes button. The following form will display. Click the mouse on the Add button. The cursor will display under the Sec# field. Type the section number for the class selected and press Tab.

The Student Class Schedule form will automatically display the class information and the cursor will drop down. Another section number can be added or press Enter to complete the schedule. The student will now be scheduled into the classes selected.