Each summer school class offered must be set up as a section in the Scheduling Master Schedule. From the Student Scheduling Cycle form, click the mouse on Scheduling Master Schedule. The following form will display. Click the mouse on the Add button

  • Enter the period for this section. A section number will automatically be created.
  • Enter the number of consecutive periods in BLK.
  • Enter the proper term – is used if there is only one term, S/F or 1/2 is used for more than one term depending on the School Options setup.
  • Enter the course number or use the drop down list to select a course number. Enter the teacher number assigned to this class.
  • Enter the correct credits for this class. This is crucial for grades. If a class is for a specific grade level(s) enter the grade range.
  • Use the drop down list on the HrlyPrg field to select the correct hourly program. If a course has more than one HrlyPrg, a new section must be created for each HrlyPrg.
  •  For lower grades make sure the MaxStu is correct for each class. The remaining fields are not an integral part of the summer school setup.
  • Exit the Scheduling Master Schedule form.