If using Course Requests and a Master Schedule to schedule students, see Summer School Course Requests to process summer school in Aeries Web.  If using the Traditional Summer School process, click the following link for detailed documentation and instruction:  Student Scheduling for Next Year.

Initialize Scheduling

Navigate to the Student Scheduling Cycle form, click the mouse on Student Scheduling Setup. The following form will display.

  • Select the Scheduling students into classes for the current school year option.
  • Select the Note scanning course requests and not having students enters course requests online option.
  • Select the Blank out the SSS Table option.
  • Select the Blank out the SMS Table option.
    • In subsequent years, districts may opt to utilize the Copy current master schedule (MST) table to the new SMS table if the master schedule and offerings remain the same.
  • Click the Initialize Scheduling button.

Add Sections

Add sections for each summer school class offered.  Use the SMS Builder process or navigate to the Scheduling Master page and click the Add button.

  • A Section Number (SMS.SE/MST.SE) will automatically be created.
  • Enter the Period (SMS.PD/MST.PD) for the section. 
  • Enter the number of consecutive periods in the Block (SMS.BLK/MST.BLK) field.
  • Enter the Term (SMS.SM/MST.SM).
    • "Y" is used if there is only one term 
    • S/F or 1/2 is used if there are multiple terms designated in the Term table.
  • Enter the Course Number (SMS.CN/MST.CN) or use the drop down list to select a Course Number
  • Enter the assigned Teacher Number (SMS.TN/MST.TN).
  • Enter the Credits for this class.  
  • If a class is for a specific grade level(s), enter the Grade Range (SMS.LO/MST.LO) and (SMS.HI/MST.HI).
  • Confirm the Maximum Students (SMS.MX/MST.MX) on each section. 
  • The remaining fields are not required for summer school.

Schedule Students