Any course offered at summer school with a Master Schedule needs to be created in the Course (CRS) table. Elementary with Master Schedule summer schools need to create courses for each grade level class that is being offered. For example, "1st Grade" could be the course name for a 1st grade summer school class. 

For detailed documentation and instructions on adding Courses, click the following link:  Courses.

  • Secondary summer schools use the same course information as during the regular school year.
  • Secondary summer schools can create new courses to identify summer school courses, but the course information remains the same.
  • If using a separate database, secondary schools must also include all summer school courses offered in the Course (CRS) table to match the regular school database for transcript documentation.
  • Summer school courses for Elementary schools should be setup for each grade level.
  • Additional Elementary school courses can be added for example, Fun with Insects.