The Copy One Student From Another School is used to copy individual students from a school into the summer school database. From the Miscellaneous form, click the mouse on the Copy One Student From Another School button. This option will display the schools and the databases that are currently accessible through the database and year displayed. To change the databse, type the exact database name in the Database: field. To change the school year, click the mouse on the Up or Down arrow key.

Click the mouse on the school where the student currently attends and the school will be hi- lighted. All students in the database will display and the student can be located by using the scroll bar. Click the mouse on the student and the student will be hi-lighted.

Prior to copying the student, determine which student related tables must be copied. Click the mouse on the Update/Review Tables to Copy at the bottom of the form. Select the tables to be copied and Exit the form. Click the mouse on the Update button. If the student selected has the same student number as a student that already exists the student will be assigned a new student number but will keep the same permanent ID number. A message will display indicating the student records have been copied.