Copy Many Student Records

The students attending summer school will need to be copied from the school's database into the summer school's database. Use the Copy Many Student Records process to copy the current students into the summer school.



Select the School(s) and Grade Levels that will be copied into the summer school.


Prior to copying over the student records determine which student related tables will be copied into the summer school. 


Select applicable student options:

  • DO NOT assign new Permanent ID numbers
  • If the database was created for next year, districts should select the Add 1 to student’s grade level option.

Copy Students

After all options have been selected, click the Copy Students button to run the process.  A confirmation message will display. Click OK to continue, or click Cancel to stop the process. 

The following message will display. You do not need to stay on this page and no additional information will appear on the page. The process runs in the background and the email confirmation will contain the results. 

Copy One Student 

After the Copy Many Student Records has been processed, new students or students from another school may need to be added to the summer school.  Navigate to the Demographics page and click the Add button to add one student.

Locate the student and click their name.

A message will display, This student is Active at the other school.  Continue?  Click the box and click the Transfer Student button to copy the student into summer school.

Add the summer school start date in the School Enter Date (STU.ED) field and click the Save button complete.

For detailed documentation and instructions, click the following link:  School Startup.