After the school has been added you need to Login to the new summer school. All district owned tables will be downloaded such as the COD and CRS tables.

However, it is important that certain tables are copied from the current school that will be utilized by summer school such as the TCH table. From the Miscellaneous form, click the mouse on Copy Table From Another Database. Type the three-letter code for the table in the text field. Click the mouse on the OK button.

The following Client Server Login will display. Select the database, school code and year where the TCH table will be copied from. Click the mouse on the Login button.

A progress bar will display if the code table copies successfully. A message will display when the copy is complete.

If the code table did not copy to the database successfully a message will display. Click the mouse on the OK button. Verify the path and code table selected. The procedures will need to be repeated to successfully copy the table.