It is crucial that each summer school is added into the LOC table for the current school year  and school options are setup correctly. From the Control Panel click the mouse on the School Options button. Click the mouse on the Add button.

Type the summer school number in the Code field. Press the Tab key and the cursor will display in the School Name field. Type the Summer School name.

Once the summer schools are set up in the LOC table they do not need to be re-created in the upcoming school year, except for bell schedule and terms.


Type all summer school information into the fields and click the mouse on the following options:

  • School Type is Secondary
  • Attendance Type is Period (CRUCIAL for Hourly attendance)
  • Grade Reporting is Multi Marks for more than one session
  • Attendance Reporting is Positive
  • Session Type is Summer School

The Bell Schedule and Terms will not carry over to the NEW Summer School database and are irrelevant at the current time.  But they MUST be setup in  the NEW Summer School database.